« TriboRegen-Oil » CONCEPT

Thanks to our concept, authorized TriboRegen-Oil dealer-operators extract used oils vehicle by vehicle in order to avoid mixing classes of oils for different engines…

Then put them back where they came from removed for their reuse again after their regeneration thus respecting the type of oil recommended by car manufacturers for each engine.

Our oil regeneration method uses competitive equipment within the reach of engine lubrication center operators.

Used oils are generally collected in large quantities in bulk as simple waste whose costs are already prohibitive for their collection and transport, added to the cost of re-refining in large oil installations.



concept - machines


1st- Measurement of physical parameters and indicators

Portable: rapid analysis to test Density, Viscosity, Temperature, water activity (aw), precise indication of humidity (0-2000ppm), water content (0-20%) and Oil quality (Dielectric constant ) of engine oil.

2nd – Portable Ferrous Debris Tester, Quantitative Analysis of PPM Ferromagnetic Particle Content in Motor Oils.

Easy-to-carry device for both on-site work and lab analysis, meets ASTM D8120

Printer built-in