Laboratory-tested results


A series of laboratory tests on TriboREGEN additive, with excellent results. Among their conclusions:

“The tests show that our additive TriboREGEN induce a significant reduction of friction, and examination of the engine parts revealed that they regenerated surfaces that showed signs of wear and corrosion.”

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“With respect to wear, the additive do not impose a hazard to the engine. On the contrary, in the tested stress range TriboREGEN clearly reduced wear.”

”studies show that in an internal combustion engine a reduction in friction would have a threefold energy consumption effect on fuel savings.”

“Moreover, the ingredients of TriboREGEN acted independently of other additives, thus showing stand-alone wear and friction reduction capabilities.”

“It was also shown that the addition of TriboREGEN did not show any negative interactions with other additives.”

Anti-Wear Properties…..Wear Square Diameter on Ball – WSD

Despite an equivalent wear diameter with and without TriboREGEN additive, the wear facies are relatively different.


In fact, the TriboREGEN additive tends to protect the surfaces against wear and local seizure.


Extreme Pressure – EP.

Old Oil 1 vs Old Oil 1 + Standard Filtering + 3% TriboREGEN

High Extreme Pressure performance with TriboREGEN additive in Old Oil.