Specifications and explanation of the ceramic filter

(ULTRAFILTRATION Less than 1 μm = 0.001 mm).

The super ceramic filter is mainly composed of cylinder, filter cartridge, filter cloth, filter assistant, PLC control system and other accessories.

Other auxiliary equipment includes air compressor, pump, etc. The material of cylinder and filter cartridge is mainly made of stainless steel (304/316/321), carbon steel, titanium and the material of filter cloth is mainly PP (polypropylene) and carbon fiber, nylon, etc…

The amount of filter added varies for different processes. The recommended percentage is between 1% and 3%.



The ULTRAFILTRATION filter is sealed and consists of several porous filter cartridges (ULTRA filter cartridges), and the ULTRA filter cartridge is covered with a corresponding filter cloth.

When these solids reach a certain thickness, a “filter cake layer” forms. Since the space between particles in the filter cake layer is very small, the particle impurities in the liquid cannot come out, so that the filter becomes clear and the filtration effect required for production is obtained.

The ULTRA filter is therefore also called a filter. cake layer filter. When the filter cake layer exceeds a certain thickness after normal filtration for a period of time, the filtration rate passing through the filter cake layer decreases, the filtration efficiency becomes poor, and the “filter cake layer” must be removed. At this time, the system will backwash based on the signal provided by the pressure sensor. To remove the cake, open the valve at the bottom of the cylinder to discharge the slag, then rebuild the new “filtration cake layer” to start a new ultrafiltration cycle.

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Fully enclosed solid-liquid separation system, the whole process (filtration, washing, drying, slag discharge) is carried out in a closed container, which reduces process flow and labor. There is no leakage and no environmental pollution
The solid-liquid separation system that realizes dry and wet separation guarantees the filtration accuracy of clear liquids, and at the same time, it can automatically discharge the solid into the dry filtration cake, avoiding the element cleaning process filters of the traditional filter.

PLC automatic control, the whole system operation is highly automated. Compared with traditional filter presses, closed plates, suction filter cylinders, etc., it not only saves a lot of labor costs and time, but also better maintains the continuity of production of the company.

The solid-liquid separation system with automatic cleaning and regeneration, as well as the frequent use of filter media, solves the problem of replacing conventional filters and managing a large number of consumables.

The solid-liquid separation system which can achieve sub-micron filtration accuracy solves the leakage and incomplete filtration problems of traditional filtration and separation equipment when dealing with materials with high solid content.
The main body is a fixed part, with dynamic feedback flow, low failure rate and low operating cost.

The filter element assembly design reduces return air consumption and isolates damaged filter elements.
UTRA filtration has gradually replaced filter press and bag filtration as the traditional filtration method, which not only maintains the continuity of enterprise production, but also greatly reduces the risk of production accidents while improving the production efficiency and saving labor.