TriboREGEN® a nano-additive for the regeneration of engine and other mechanical oils under the registered trademark TriboREGEN®.. (Registered Trademark).

Our addition of nano-additive in the lubrication of the mechanics of the engine to obtain significant advantages in the lifespan and the maintenance of any engine of light vehicle as for heavy vehicle running on all types of fuels.

The purpose of using this nano-additive is to restore, in the first place, the internal wear of the engine, the pistons, the walls of the combustion chambers or the liners and all the moving parts with friction. Such as the connecting rods, the segments, the complete line of the crankshaft and the camshaft.

TriboREGEN® continuously serves as an effective means of restoring and renewing the resistance to wear, abrasion and drastically improving the noise reducing friction of an automotive engine. While saving fuel.

TriboREGEN also acts against wear in various other industrial fields not requiring the dismantling of units, or parts of the engine and the various friction mechanisms.
This nano-additive acts during engine operation by forming a thin layer of modified alloy, a surface layer (metallic film) between the parts that rub against each other. Thus, it allows the selective elimination of wear due to the friction of the parts.
This makes the effect of TriboREGEN® different from that of general additives added in commercial lubricants.
This nano-additive added to mineral oils as to synthetic oils…
As a result, their properties are greatly improved to raise mineral oils to the level of synthetic oils while becoming a Tribological oil.


The TriboREGEN® nano-additive falls within the domain of Tribology Science of the friction of elements.

What is nanotechnology in lubricants ?


Nanoparticles were used for enhancing the lubricity of engine oils via boundary lubrication, when the boundary films fail or get broken, solid nano additives can improve the tribological properties by sliding contact surfaces, carry the load and act as back-up lubricating films nano additives for lubricants.