Reusing engine Oil

Used motor oils contain impurities known as hazardous compounds from combustion, abrasion and chemical reactions. Removing impurities provides the opportunity to reuse used engine oils as well as reduce the disposal of waste into the environment.

We have chosen the most economically efficient option, particularly in energy consumption (Gain of up to 90% compared to other sources and machinery) To obtain a recycled engine oil with a good degree of purity to be reused again by adding a Tribology superior quality Nano-additive. (TriboREGEN)

For our multi-station (UF) Ultrafiltration machine we have registered a patent pending, equipped with hydrophobic polypropylene (PP) membranes used for Ultrafiltration (UF) of used engine oils.

The performance of the membrane (in terms of oil flow and impurity rejection) as a function of operating pressure per membrane section and temperature was studied.

The results show that oil flow increases with applied pressure and temperature while impurity releases are relatively stable. In the operating conditions range, the oil flow is 0.09 to 0.19L/min.

-The membrane can remove ash (90-99%),
-Water (78 to 82.5%),
-Carbon residues (52.6 to 65.9%),
-Acidity (44.9 to 73.3%),
-Calcium (50.1 to 58.9%)
and zinc (28.9%). –43.8%)

Effectively. Removal of these impurities results in an improvement in the quality of the processed oil, as evidenced by the change in kinematic viscosity, density and color. It was also observed that the filtration of used engine oil leads to an increase in the wettability of the membrane with respect to the oil (the contact angle with water increased from 101.4° to 102.9° and the oil contact angle decreased from 48.2° to 45.3°).

Before / After

A series of laboratory tests on TriboREGEN® additive, with excellent results.