G.R.& I Series Waste Oil High Temperature Distillation Unit

They have been specially designed for small and medium crude oil refining plants, extraction, recycling, and re-refining by vacuum distillation of Waste/ used/black/dirty/contaminated oils, and manufacture motor oils, lubricating oils, insulating oils, base oils, industrial oils in gasoline, and diesel.

Processing capacity from 100L~10000L/day, they play an important role on environment-protection, energy-saving, profit for customers from all over the world.

Main characteristics:

**. D.R&I series plants equipped with vacuum tanks, filter tanks, distillation kettle, heating system, cooling system, alarm system, PLC control system, pumps, valves, meters, levels, and so on . Easy to implement, top brand core components, safe and durable, long life……
**. Waste treatment capacity: 100L-10000L/day;
**. Purifying/filtering, removing water and impurities, to make used oil clear and high performance again;
**. Distillation, transfer of motor oils into base oils;
**. Pyrolyze, make base oils the kind of oils users want
**.Operating Temperature: 0~400℃
**. Power consumption: 2KW~200KW
**. Weight: 300KG~3000KG


This equipment can be widely applied by waste management companies, refineries, biodiesel producers, environmental service companies, industrial cleaning companies, petroleum industry, power industry, and so on. following.


0.5 -> 1 tonne


1-> 10 tonnes



Quick description

Applicable industries:Recycling of used oil from motors and others
Showroom Location: Egypt, Turkey, United States, Germany, Viet Nam, Philippines, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Morocco, Argentina, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Colombia, Algeria, Romania, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan , Nigeria, Malaysia

Outgoing inspection video:Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
MarketingType:Hot selling / Important sale
Guarantee of the basic elements: 3 years
Basic components: PLC, Motor, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Pressure Vessel, Gear, Pump
Flow:From 200L to 10.000L /day

Brand name:
D.R & I
Tension: 80V 3 phase(220V@50-60Hz available)
Power (W):10KW
Dimensions (L*W*H):2400*1100*2100
Guarantee:3 years
Product name: oil distilling plant
Application: Make waste engine oils into diesel oil
Function: Refining Crude oil & re-refining used oils, distilling oils
Advantages: Environmentally Friendly, Safe, Cost-saving
After-sales Service: Provide Long life Technical Support
Keyword: Vacuum Oil Purifier Waste Oil Conversion System
Vacuum level: -0.06~-0.095MPa
Suitable Oil: Dirty Engine Oil, Used car oil, Hydraulic oil, Transformer oil
Final products Base oil Gasoline & Diesel